Best In Boutiques: Chicago

While I love how dependant you can become on the large-scale luxuries of a department store, there is something  so organic about supporting your local boutique owners.  Boutiques allow you to add variety to your wardrobe by selecting pieces from different places that not everyone may have, all-the-while giving your wardrobe an eclectic vibe.

Some of my local faves include:

  • Best bet for the current trends in shoes, clothes, and accessories: SARCA
  • Best for everyday dresses and a great neighborhood feel: SARA JANE
  • Best for super trendy pieces on a budget: AKIRA
  • Best for an eclectic closet: SOFIA
  • Best for helpful sales people: TRIBECA
  • Best for unique items (they only carry a few of each fashion, so it isn’t widely worn around the city!) HAVILAH and VERUCA SALT
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