Colors can speak a thousand words. It is important to consider the messages different hues send and learn how to balance those with the image or feeling you wish to project. Learn to use color to your advantage in business meetings, interviews, networking events or even meetings with your children. Once you have color on your side, there is no stopping you. Why wouldn’t you want every leg up you can get?

Let’s start with the basics.

The color black projects authority, power, mysteriousness and timelessness. If you wear too much black you may be viewed as unapproachable or untouchable. However, if you need to be taken seriously in a meeting, black may be a good option. Black of course is also associated with death and morning, but it is all in how you choose to wear it and how you complement it with other pieces and accessories.

White is a very clean, pure and simple color that is bursting with hope. White has reflective properties and can be hard to stare at, so be careful not to wear too much bright white if you need to be the focus of a meeting or conversation.

Gray is extremely neutral and conservative. It is the only color that doesn’t give a physical or mental reaction.

Brown is dependable, responsible and genuine. It is a very earthy color and people are more apt to trust someone wearing brown. Brown is serious, like black, but it is a bit softer and warmer.

Now, let’s talk bold color.

Red can be quite intense, passionate and aggressive. These are all physical reactions that raise the pulse, showing that red is a powerful color.  Red has the longest wavelength and appears to be closer to us than it actually is, which is why it demands attention and is the first color the eye goes to.

Yellow is full of positivity, happiness, and of course sunshine. Yellow is the most powerful color having a vast emotional effect on people. This makes it an ideal color to wear on a dreary, rainy day to raise your energy level and the energy level of those around you.

Orange is very vibrant and full of energy, friendliness and and is inviting. It represents abundance and physical comfort. Be wary of wearing too much orange, it may give the impression that you can’t be serious or lack focus.

Green projects a calm, conservative, stable image. It can also symbolize nature and prosperity. Green is in the center of the color spectrum and is seen as extremely balanced.  When you need to project an impartial, reassuring image, green is the go-to color.

Blue is another calming color that also symbolizes loyalty and security. It is a mentally stimulating color, opposed the physically stimulating orange and red. Blue can be a very productive color, so if you need to get your to-do list in check, throw on a blue dress.

Purple represents royalty, sophistication, spiritual awareness and wealth. Purple is not a common color found in nature so it can appear “fake” to some. It is also an extremely creative color full of imagination and promotes deep contemplation. It has the shortest wavelength and is the last color the eye sees.

These are just your basic colors; when mixed together they can form many different meanings. It is always a good idea to check your color selection with your agenda for the day. This will insure you are the most productive, approachable or powerful depending on the situation.

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