This year fashion is playing a major role since we have a female candidate running. Usually, the “chatter” is about what color tie the men wore, or perhaps the focus was on the First Lady. Michelle Obama has raised the level of “fashion” since being in the White House. She not only has excellent taste and style, but it is effortless and easy going, while still classy.

Hillary has been rocking the pantsuits throughout her campaign and throughout her term at the White House, while the entire Trump ladies have really caused us to pause and notice all their high fashion (high ticket items) and really timely and gorgeous outfits worn…

We would love to see Hillary wear anything but the pantsuit – she would look so much more feminine!

What do you think? Do you care?



Candidates Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Hold Second Presidential Debate At Washington University Ivanka-Trump-Dress-RNC-2016

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