Put these shopping tips into practice on a regular basis, and they can help you save money and time now and for the future:

Sale Shopping

1. Don’t buy it unless it’s perfect

So many shoppers make the mistake of wasting money on clothing purchases that don’t quite fit, aren’t the right color, or have an appealing brand name or logo but isn’t their style. These items are worn once (if that) and then sit only to collect dust. An appealing price tag is what usually pushes a shopper to purchase something that isn’t quite perfect or they don’t need.  Instead of buying three shirts on sale for $10 a piece, purchase one quality shirt at $30.00 that will last you longer and is more appealing to your personal style. Ask yourself “would I buy this at full price?” before buying a sale item.  If not, you probably don’t love or need the item as much as you thought.

2. Know when to clearance shop

The best part of shopping out of season is the clearance sales. January and February are when you can find the best sale prices for spring/summer clothes and June and July for fall/winter clothes.  It’s worth waiting for the discounts; six to eight weeks after an item hits the shelves is usually when the price starts to drop. Also, most stores follow the trend of putting items on clearance at the beginning of the month and continue to drop prices as the month goes on.

3. Make friends with the sales associates

Get to know who’s selling you your clothes. These are the people that know what merchandise is coming in, what things will be marked down and when to come back for a sale. Once your friend, they are more apt to pass you some coupons or put items on hold for you.

4. Add yourself to the mailing list

We get enough junk mail as it is, but those retail mailing lists really do pay off! Don’t overlook the coupons they send you regularly and the information about when the store will be having big sales. This information can help you plan and budget more efficiently for purchases.

5. Navigate your way online

Online shopping is fantastic for sales. After trying something on in a retail store, try searching for the item online. You might be surprised at all the different e-retailers that are offering the same item for a discounted price. Typically, online retailers send out e-mail advertisements as to when they will be having upcoming clearance sales, so keep an eye out for that information. Also, make a habit of searching for online coupons before buying.  Type “name of online store” and “coupon” or “promotional code” into Google to find coupons for your favorite online retailers.

Having a great wardrobe does not have to break the bank. By shopping smart and maintaining a critical eye for quality vs. quantity, you’ll build a wardrobe that not only looks great on you but will be durable for years to come.

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