Three Photos of Hugh Jackman

Three Faces of Hugh Jackman

You probably recognize Hugh Jackman, once voted “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine.

The man on the right hardly looks sexy, or even attractive. It’s Jackman portraying Jean Valjean in his latest film, Les Miserables.

So what enables a man to be called attractive? There are a number of things. He usually possesses the following characteristics:

  • Well dressed
  • Wears flattering colors and styles
  • In good shape physically
  • Has good features
  • Has a good hairstyle (can include a nice bald head)
  • Looks classy and polished
  • Has a certain amount of charm

Jackman qualifies on all counts with the first two photos. In the third photo, he may have a good physique, but we don’t notice that his features are good. His overall appearance is so rough, dirty, negative and unpolished that it overwhelms. He definitely seems unlikely to possess a great deal of charm. We may even see him as unattractive.

In reality, there are no unattractive people, only those who have not learned how to look attractive.

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