It’s summertime again and that means picnics, beach days, barbecues and lots of other fun outdoor activities. The heat and humidity of summer can make going outside more of a chore than a breath of fresh air. Luckily, these fabrics will keep you cool and let your skin breathe as you brave the 90 degree weather.



Eyelet is an obvious choice for summer because of the many holes and lightweight material. This fun, flirty fabric has a feminine flair to it that looks great worn casually or dressed up. A simple eyelet top looks great with brightly colored cotton shorts. You can even find eyelet shorts, which can add some unexpected texture to your outfit. When buying eyelet dresses it is important to make sure a reliable lining is underneath to avoid any accidental underwear exhibitions.


Chambray is a type of cotton that feels very similar to thin denim. Chambray can be worn casually during the day and looks great as a beach shirt paired with a straw beach fedora. This fabric looks best as a three-quarter-length button-up worn with white pants or capris.


Seersucker is beloved by the Southern country club variety, but this fabric can be appreciated by anyone in the summer, given its extreme breathability. Seersucker suits are a great alternative to heavy suit fabrics, but if you’re not ready to be covered in seersucker from head-to-toe, seersucker shorts are also very popular for men. For women, seersucker is great for dresses, shirts, blazers, skirts, and pretty much anything you can think of. Seersucker adds a classy air to any summer outfit.


Linen always makes a big comeback during the summer months after laying dormant for the rest of the year. This is due to its ability to make formal wear light and summery. Linen has a porous weave that allows heat to escape away you’re your body and back out into the humid air. It’s also highly absorbent so it helps keep ugly sweat stains at bay. Casual linen pants are another popular option for women to wear at the beach or to an evening get-together with friends. The only downside is its tendency to wrinkle easily, but making sure to always hang your linen clothing can easily minimize this problem. People expect to see linen a little wrinkly; it just adds to its charm. Always choose loose fitting styles with linen and wash this material by hand or on the cold cycle.


Silk is lightweight, breathable and adds sex appeal to any outfit. A summery silk top can easily be paired with any type of bottom and silk dresses can be dressed up or dressed down for a warm weather occasion. The only downside to silk is the extra care necessary for washing.


Cotton is lightweight, comfortable, soft and looks great. It is an extremely common, year round material and is an ideal fabric if you have skin allergies. However, cotton isn’t always the best at hiding sweat production, so just make sure to avoid tight cotton shirts or dresses on a particularly hot day. It’s important to watch out when washing and drying cotton because of its frustrating tendency to go from a large to a small. This problem can be avoided by making sure the cotton clothing you buy is pre-washed and dried.

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