Marion RiceI cannot say enough positive things about my experience with The Monarch House. Working with them has allowed me to feel more confident in my daily appearance. Now I actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning as I can easily locate and utilize what I already have. With their guidance, I have also purchased the basic and special pieces that make my wardrobe complete.

Hanna helped me to understand what would work best for my natural shape and how to be both stylish yet comfortable enough to enjoy my clothing. Hanna is incredibly professional and was especially indispensable when it came to dealing with sales people and navigating store merchandise. I look forward to The Monarch House’s continued success in this industry.

–Marion R., Chicago, Transformation Package Client


kim wylie Working with Hanna is like having your best friend help you with a task that is overwhelming for most. At least, I know that this is how it felt for me. My closet would look at me everyday and at some point it would run through my head that I needed to go through all my clothes and figure out which I needed to donate and which I needed to throw away. However, not having someone that could help me do this that I also could count on to be really honest with me, made me just keep putting the task off. Hanna came in and whipped things into shape in a way I never thought possible. Her ability to quickly understand me allowed us to complete this task while having a ton of fun. The results made me speechless as when we were done I had a great sense of what I owned, what I needed and how it all can fit together to define my style that is uniquely me.

The next step in our journey was to go shopping… What fun!!! Hanna was amazing at working with what I had and what I needed while keeping my budget in mind. She helped me really focus on what pieces would go the furthest in my wardrobe and brought a whole new level of style to me.

The end result? Now I stand in my closet and rather than it looking at me, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. It is now so organized and beautiful and I can’t wait to get dressed everyday! Thank you Hanna for bringing new life into every morning helping me get my day started off with a smile and a fabulous outfit!

–Kimberly W., Dallas, Transformation Package Client

DebbieMy experience with The Monarch House has truly been life-changing. I didn’t think that a “wardrobe cleanse” would bring such a positive change in my daily life. In thinking about it, we all start our day looking in our closets! Based on its content and appearance, our mood can be affected. Prior to Hanna Thomson, my days would begin with a sense of frustration over my unorganized and over-stuffed closet! I found myself wearing the same clothing repeatedly because I really didn’t know what I owned and the thought of trying to organize it myself always seemed so overwhelming.

I found The Monarch House and did the closet auditing and organizing session with Hanna, since then it has helped me begin every day with a sense of fulfillment. As now, my beautifully transformed, color-coordinated closet holds only the items that fit me properly and I love to wear. In addition, I have a great sense of gratitude that I was able to make money from the items that were sitting in my closet from consignment stores. And most importantly, this process has also allowed me to donate plenty of clothing to those in need. Thank you so much for changing my life.

–Debbie B., Los Angeles, Foundation Package Client

Jessica SikesI have always been the type of person that if I am out running errands and stop someplace like Target, Kohls or the like, I would be guilty of picking up a piece of clothing that I would not try on. I would just “grab & buy” what I “thought I needed” namely because of convenience, price or a deal and then make it work later.

I am a busy mom who doesn’t have time to shop, very guilty of not taking the time for myself. When Hanna and I started to work with one another she really encouraged me to help me with slowing down, taking time for myself and investing in pieces I needed. She helped me realize the value of cost per wear. Instead of buying and wearing a lot of inexpensive pieces that you end up wearing only a few times before the loose their color, shape, etc., I am now investing in pieces that make you feel good and look great which allows you to have an extra kick in your step! Hanna has been invaluable in my new outlook on shopping and overall “getting ready” experience.

–Jessica S., Dallas, Transformation Package Client

shana maloney Thank you so much for helping me find my personal brand! I loved my color consult, learning and knowing what looks best on me, and understanding my body type. It makes me feel good about getting ready, what I wear and how I look. I just love getting ready now. Thank you!!

–Shana M., San Francisco, Image Consultation Client






“Hanna was so direct and honest about how clothes looked on me. She never made me uncomfortable, and she sent me home with some skinny jeans that I would never have chosen for myself, but they look great!! Hanna also handles salespeople in stores brilliantly. She is a class act.”

–Katherine D., San Francisco, Personal Shopping Client