photo-2You have probably heard this many times before, but a reminder every now and then doesn’t hurt.

This morning, I finally made the commitment to go through my makeup and throw away the old and organize the new.  I had been putting off throwing away some NARS eye shadows, because they were gorgeous shades and they seemed “perfectly good.”  Just because they seemed perfectly good, though, does not mean they are.  After all, bacteria is not an easily-seen creature.
So as we enter into 2014, we both know that it is time to get rid of the old makeup.
We want you to think about your health, your beautiful face as well as get rid of the clutter in your bathroom! Don’t be afraid to get rid of the stuff you never use (maybe even give it to a women’s group or charity) and then promise to go to the makeup counter and buy something new for yourself!
Even if it takes a little while to convince yourself, you should try to clean out your makeup drawer. Maybe even reorganize it, change things up a bit or make adjustments to your routine to optimize your look this year!
So get cleaning! Here are several product guidelines from Allure about how long your makeup stays fresh:
-Mascara: 2-3 months
-Foundation: 6-12 months
-Face Powder: 2 years (maximum)
-Lipstick: 1 year
This information was taken from the following site, so if you don’t see your favorite product or want to learn more, go to this webpage.
Note: There seems to be quite a bit of variation when it comes to how long the experts believe you should keep your eye shadow.  Allure recommends three months, but other websites recommend longer.  Here is another website for more information.
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