For what should be a happy moment, receiving a compliment tends to make a lot of people feel nervous or awkward.Instead of shying away or feeling uncomfortable, learn to accept a compliment with grace and poise.

Someone sees something in you worth acknowledging so it’s important to acknowledge them in return. By brushing the compliment off, you’re not only missing an opportunity to feel good about yourself, you’re belittling the beliefs and esteem of the person complimenting you.

You’re receiving a compliment for a reason … so smile! If you’re in the habit of naturally reacting to compliments by looking away, shrinking back or acting timid, remember that such reactions can make the person who is extending a compliment feel awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, one of the best and most simple ways to accept is to give a genuine smile and thank them.

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When you receive a compliment, don’t feel pressured to pay one in return or to quickly move on to a new subject. Take your time to appreciate what they’ve said and acknowledge it genuinely. If you often find yourself anxious to move the focus away from you, try saying thank-you (with a smile!) and follow with a sentence about the item, feature or reason you’re being complimented. Such as, “Thank-you! I found these shoes on sale at my favorite store. They have such a great selection.” Not only have you now gracefully accepted, but you’ve shifted the conversation to something you both can talk about comfortably.

Try to remember the times you’ve complimented someone else who has had a hard time accepting what you’ve said. How did it make you feel and did it make you want to compliment them again in the future? Then think about the times you’ve complimented someone who genuinely received what you said in a positive manner. The latter will help remind you of how refreshing it is to stop denying compliments and embrace them for what they’re worth.

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